Friday, May 13, 2011

A Vintage Heart

We all know how Etsy holds a wide variety of vintage treasures for one to explore.  I am always looking around for forgotten items of my youth, and here I share with you my latest findings...

Black Penny Loafers for school, by VeriteVintage

My sister loved Simon & Garfunkel, and she would play this disc all the time, by OurVintagePalooza

We had an exact set of Pyrex cups like this one for my parent's morning coffee, by kowgirlkitsch

My parents learned French when they were in college and a copy of "Le Petit Prince" was always present in our library,  by theCandyShoppe

I was a ponytail kind of girl and these holders were always around, by Redesignkc

Remember that you can access these shops by clicking on the links below the items.

Have a great weekend!!!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful walk down "Memory Lane". My parents had the Simon & Garfunkel album too and I still love that album....classic. Thank you for including the cups from Kowgirl Kitsch.


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