Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bohemian Love Affair

I grew up in a Caribbean island.  My father was an art enthusiast and since we were little, he encouraged us in music and arts in general.  I studied the flute for many years, only to leave it behind as soon as I entered my high school years.   I was too cool back then to continue with it.  Photography has been the only thing that got stuck with me.  My little brother, on the other hand, became a beautiful guitarist.  He knows to play it so smoothly, that you can only sit down and enjoy his tunes.  He knows how to draw you in with his music.

It was pretty common back then for the family to gather together and listen to his music while sipping a glass of wine.  I learned to enjoy wine there, within my parent's living room, singing love songs and asking my brother to play one more time.  We were taught to enjoy the simplest of things, the random thoughts, like true bohemians.  I've always been drawn to eclectic styles, to original expression.  For this reason, I created this week's feature.

Boho skirts for the free spirited soul, by idea2lifestyle

In honor to my brother's guitar, Strum a fine art photograph by loveatfirstclick

Handknit Fringe Ribbon Scarf, by CricketsCreations

I have fallen in love with with this Kimono style robe! by plumprettysugar

Little handmade tiles are arranged to make eclectic jewelry, by ShrunkenCatHead

Remember to click on the link below the pictures to access these shops in Etsy.


  1. Isabelle
    It looks like you have been blessed with an idyllic, loving childhood. With all this background there must be a novel somewhere in you waiting to get out.

  2. A novel!? wow, I had never considered my life interesting enough to write about it.... I've been pretty nostalgic lately, since my dad passed away a year ago... thank you so much for reading... I appreciate it a lot :)

  3. Wonderful Blog! Thanks so much for featuring my print!
    Have a great day!!


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