Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mastering Textures with Wazari Wazir

There are very few photographers out there that in my opinion can be labeled as masters.  Today I am presenting you one of those few.  Meet Wazari Wazir.

I found Wazari through my endless searches around Flickr.  It was about a year ago when I decided that it was time for me to learn Photoshop and get a hold of the endless resources this powerful tool offers.  If you are considering going professional, you MUST learn to manipulate your pictures correctly.  It will make a huge difference in the quality of your work.

Wazari has since been part of my daily Facebook feed and point of reference whenever attempting something new.  He is a photojournalist in Malaysia, and he breaths photography on a daily basis.  It is was he does, and he does it with a passion for educating fellow photographers to achieve their best quality work.  He has produced several e-books regarding texture and color manipulation that are essential for anyone attempting to develop their own photographic style.

"You can do texture in so many ways, you can do it with just one single layer of texture or you can use more than just one, two, three or as much as you like. For me doing a Photoshop Texture editing is an art in itself. You need to “feel” it to make it happen." - Wazari Wazir

I am very excited to have Wazari as part of Soulful Colors' network.  You can discover his work by following any of the following sites:




You can also access the Textures E-Book by clicking on the images or by going to this site:

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