Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beautiful Morning

Beautiful morning

I went for a sunrise walk last Saturday morning and took this picture with my Iphone.  How incredible that I was there at the very exact moment the sun was right behind this lifeguard post.  The next day, I had my sweetheart take me over again since I wanted to take a good picture with my camera.  This is my second version of the same spot.

I had never been to this side of the beach before, and it was really nice to discover it like this, with such great view.

I will be finalizing the photo and putting it on my shop for sale, but I am still undecided if I should make it available in square format or leave it as it is.  Any comments on this will be very much appreciated :)


  1. I really love the first image!

  2. yes, the light was perfectly captured.

  3. bautiful... and I would like it as is or square... I l ove the square as it draws interest on my walls.. but you lose some of the gradient lighting by cropping!

  4. What beautiful pictures, I really have enjoyed viewing them. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Very interesting shot, that's for sure!


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