Monday, July 25, 2011

Training Mode... running the Sahara

The Sahara!? Well, not really.

I started running again a couple of weeks ago.  And even though I am not really running the Sahara, it felt that way in the beginning.  Stepping out from any comfort zone requires a willingness to strip yourself from outdated mental patterns and step into hard work.

I ran my first half marathon a year ago, and it's been the toughest physical pressure I have ever put myself into.  I don't want to sound so dramatic, but for my 33 year old body, it really was tough.  Today I stand firm on the idea of getting stronger, because I know I can.  So, I started training, running everyday, pushing forward.  And yes, I plan to run again next January.

My sister texted me last night and recommended me a documentary called Running the Sahara.  Wow!!! Talk about motivation.  I included the trailer for you to see the incredible journey these three men took.

I may not be running the Sahara, but who's to say I won't one day.

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