Tuesday, July 5, 2011



I often ask myself what is the true meaning of freedom.  Whenever I look ahead at the endless possibilities of my life, I wonder if choosing an alternate ending is what really sets me free.  I have made hard decisions before, and I truly understand how hard it is to change lanes.  But deciding on a different path comes with a price, it always does.  The question is, can I afford this price?  Am I ready to invest in this kind of future?

And after much deliberation and debate with myself, I come to the conclusion that what really sets me free is how much I know me.  How much I understand my true intentions and motivations.  What in the end is the power that puts my soul into motion.  Is it Love?  Is it Success?  Is it Evolution?  Is it Any or none of the Above?

My week starts today with a full schedule ahead.  For the time being, this is the future I decided in my past, and I must pay attention to it.  Because this, right now, is all I know to be true.

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  1. Wow, love the picture and love, love your post. So deep and suitable for my momentum. Thanks for that.

  2. wow, what a fantastic shot!!! gorgeous! thanks for visiting us !!!following you 2!

  3. Wow. Whatever it is you're going through, I hope you find peace and happiness with your decision. As for that photo? It's gorgeous! I can feel the warmth coming through the computer screen.
    Thanks for joining Alicia and I for the Crazy Days of Summer Photo Challenge. I hope you'll be back again on Friday when we move on to a new theme, PATRIOTISM. Have a great day.


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