Friday, June 3, 2011

Letterpress Love

Oh my, I have fallen in love with Letterpress.  This fantastic art mixes my love for words, my interest in design, and.... colors! Let me share with you a tiny little video I spotted...

Letterpress from Naomie Ross on Vimeo.
Sometimes I wish I had more TIME to be able to play and learn all the interesting crafts my mind feels attracted to.

You can visit any of these artists by following the links below each picture.


  1. Great post….
    Those tactile wooden printing blocks and a machine as well (I am an engineer by day). I like the Kiss Me In The Dark Poster. Old school technology, new school application. I like the resulting perfect imperfection (if you understand what I mean) of using old wooden print blocks.
    At a recent visit to the Harley gallery I bought a small set of letter stamps and ink pads thinking that I could their use incorporate their use somehow into my work (your inspiration). I see them every day on my work table but as yet I have other things on the go that I have to work out of my system before I use them.
    I repeat, great post

  2. I love these, especially the awesome orange mustache one....

    My hubby can grow a mean orange mustache when he wants to!


  3. Wow, I love that little film. It has all the keywords!


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