Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just because you're nice...

Something really interesting happened to me yesterday.

I had a busy Saturday, running errands up and down my neighborhood.  Among all the things I did, I stopped at a local department store to pick up some office supplies I was needing.  I went there with a budget of $10, so I had to stretch my buck as much as I could.  I always look around the bargain isles, hoping to find a cheap fix to my shopping spree.  This is what ended up in my cart...

Colorful, fun goodies! You need to understand that I've been a little short on cash lately, and, considering my present circumstances, this purchase was in itself a luxury.  I then went on to the office supplies, picked up the things I needed and kept a tight watch on the prices because I really needed to stay in budget.

A very warm, and tender cashier greeted me as I laid my items on her station.  This is how the conversation went:

"Hi!", she started scanning the products. " I see you have a birthday party, right?"
"Hmmm not really", I gave her a big smile. " these are just cute! you know, the kind of things that make your day prettier." She started laughing as if I had told her the best joke ever.  I laughed back just because it was contagious, while peeking at the final amount I had to pay.  It summed up to $12 and change. But then, I see that she starts typing something on the computer, and the total starts going down, and down, and down. She saw my surprised look and said, "You see, I just gave you a discount.  Just because you're nice." I thanked her and payed my bill.

The thing is, I was nice to her just because.  I wasn't really looking to get something out of it.  It was a genuine conversation filled with genuine laughter.

My final bill was $9.53, by the way.  Wishing a wonderful and happy Sunday to you!


  1. Awww what a lovely story! Am intruiged as to how you will use the bouncy balls! x

  2. What a great short story. A fine example of… ‘What goes round comes round’. Your outgoing friendly warm smile to the cashier was returned to you by her good deed of giving you discount.
    Keep smiling.
    PS remember I was slowly sharing my secrets with you. My last secret is (you may have worked this out already). I am Kathryn’s father.

  3. Wow!! Now that's a surprise!!! Father and daughter are reading my blog!!! Love it :))))

    Kathryn, I have two nieces close to me so I always gotta have something fun for them!! LOL


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