Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A mermaid from within

Maiden... ocean has a maiden soul by Gordana AM

I have been going through a very transformative period.  Let's say that sometimes I feel as if I was thrown into a deep blue ocean, and I am now emerging as a completely different being.  A mermaid, perhaps? Yes, a mermaid could be the best description.  Half human, half mythology.  A merge between what I previously was with my new self.

In my previous life, I lacked sensitivity, I lacked passion.  My life was predetermined by my conscious self as a series of steps that needed to be done.  Tasks to be completed.  There was not much room for art, although I craved it, or tenderness, although I so much needed it.  I somehow convinced myself that things were the way the were.  I had to adapt.  But it came the day when adapting didn't work anymore.  That's when the transformation began.

Today, I hang on to my soul as my own way of surviving.  I fear that, as my previous, practical, human part of the mermaid approaches I will loose all the passion and idealism I have welcomed in.  I will fight for this newfound knowledge, I will protect my fragility.  But I also need to leave space for common sense, for reason.

I guess my new challenge will be to keep the balance, and to acknowledge the mermaid from within.

Have you let your mermaid come out from her ocean?


  1. Isabelle
    It is nice to read that you have found inner peace in your life being as you now describe yourself as half human, half mythological. I believe that none of us were made without sensitivity and passion it is just for various reasons, often beyond our control, we suppress these human attributes. We all feel that we would like to march to the sound of our own drum but life’s circumstances rarely allow this privilege. Tasks have to be done, there is a practical side to life.
    What I am getting from your post is that you are now are now controlling the tasks of life, they are no longer controlling you. You have released you passions.
    It is difficult to maintain an even life balance, we survive life by carrying out our tasks but these must not take away our freedom to live life. With your inner peace you life tasks will be easier, you are no longer a slave to them.

    Your sensitivity and passion will touch others in your journey of life. We only live this life once. Be as you are, be a mermaid swim free, be inspired and inspire other along the way with your work.

  2. :) *giving you a big hug with a huge smile in my face* Thank you so much...


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