Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Galaxy of Possibilities

Infinite Possibilities by Think!Photography by Paula P.

Hey all!! Just a quick note to let you all know about my own Etsy project.  Rustika Photography is my little baby, and it's slowly taking form.  Don't worry, I will not flood the space with self promotion.  I will continue writing and sharing goodness the same way I've been doing so far.  But now you know where my mind is when I'm not blogging... 

You can look me up in Facebook, if you're into it...



  1. Isabelle
    Your photograph is sensational. I do not use Facebook, I am not against it, just do not have the time. I do not see that putting your work on your blog as being self promotion. It is sharing your gifts with others.

  2. Isabelle,
    I woud love to read more about your creative process on your blog. I had no idea about your work until I followed the link. The photographs are beautiful and I genuinley would love to learn more about them!


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