Friday, April 1, 2011

All things fluttery

I have a weird fascination with insects.  My dad taught me very early not to be scared of these odd looking beings, and instead encouraged me to respect them and admire their beauty.  Here is a collection of my favorite insect art in the Etsy community.

A mix of woodburning, pencil and paint by TheHauntedHollowTree

I LOVE this Brass Butterfly Ring by PhenomenaJewelry

This is something I would really like to learn.  Mounting real insects is such a beautiful way of adding nature to your everyday living.  By REALBUTTERFLYGIFTS

Fine Art Photography for me is one of the most fun and diverse collections you could ever have.  A lovely butterfly photograph by jessicatorres

You can access the shops of any of the these artists by following the link below each of the pictures.


  1. These Fluttery things are so nice and thank you for adding us to your blog.

  2. Beautiful items here - I'm honored that you included my butterfly photo! Thanks!


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