Friday, September 23, 2011

About risks and wire walking

There is something about daredevils that attracts us.  The fact that another human being is capable of doing that thing that scares us the most fascinates everyone.  To witness their bravery, their audacity, brings us to a state of wonder and delight.

When I learned about Phillpe Petit, I was immediately reminded of Karl Wallenda, a famous circus performer who died in my hometown while trying to perform a wire walk.  I was only two years old when this happened, so of course I don't have a recollection of the incident.  But his death remained as part of the collective conscience of the island.

Mr. Petit did something almost impossible.  The Twin Towers stood as two concrete giants in NYC, and they seemed untamable.  He was lured to them and in the end, he conquered them.  He proved the impossible to be possible.

This all made me wonder about risks.  After all, Mr. Wallenda had done these acts and he was an expert in doing them, but he failed at a much less complicated attempt.  Why did one was a success and the other failed?  Given the two circumstances an equal stand, why is it that one crossed over and the other fell short?

We all agree that a life without risks is not worth living.  Risks are the opportunity to change, to grow, and to conquer.  We all win and loose in different circumstances, and each result will bring something. We will regret some of the risks taken, but we will also celebrate others.  The question is, when.  When do we take these risks.

For our daredevils, the wind factor was the most crucial of risks, and it determined the final outcome.  We need to let the wind in our lives pass, before we take the next step forward.  For this wind will determine you crossing to the other side or falling to the ground.


  1. DUDE! This cat is CRAZYYYYYY!!!! Nice post.. Liked your wind analogy...

    Janette, the Jongleur

  2. Great Post.
    There are risks and there are risks and there are risky risks. Risking your life is a risky risk to far.
    I like to let the wind pass first.

  3. Hello Rustika, Love your blog and photography! I saw the documentary on Phillippe called Man On A Wire and I am in awe of him. Anytime a human being attempts and conquers what we consider to be impossible it gives me new hope and perception about what I am capable of in my life. It's that beautiful moment when you move from doubt to just going for it with your own dreams, thanks for this post. Speaking of going for it - would you like to follow swap with me? (you follow my blog and I follow yours in return) I am looking for more followers as my blog links to my Big Cartel store and I would love to make a living out being creative!


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