Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting rid of old magazines

Ok, yes, I admit it... I collect magazines like there's no tomorrow.  Whenever I get one in the mail, I do a happy dance and succumb to a world filled with rich perfumes and artistic advertisements.  So, it comes to a point where I don't find anywhere else to put them *LOL*, and I have to throw them away.  Oh, but before I do that, I always browse one more time in search of a special something that I might have missed the first time.

body paint in hands
Spectacular body paint

Cool fashion photography from magazine
Cool Fashion Photography idea

Treasures from a far away land



  1. Wow the body paint is amazing!!
    I am a new follower:)
    I just visited your facebook page too.

  2. Are you sure you have to get rid of them, LOL, it's so hard for me to do sometimes!

  3. You're not alone!!! I used to have many many fashion magazines, ok the truth is that I'm still have magazines, but now that I'm moving I have to quit some suscription.

    I think that as an artist our eyes need visuals-food!!!


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